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RPM Recovery Protein Milk Chocolate Milk Recover Power and Multiply Results After Workout Nutrition and Hydration

Recovery Protein Milk (RPM)

Athletes need nutritional power, best found in real food – not in supplements. Freshly’s RPM (Recovery Protein Milk) is an all-natural, balanced nutrient package of carbohydrates, complete protein, water, and electrolytes – making it ideal for sports recovery. Packed with 22 grams of protein/serving, RPM is a local, delicious nutrition choice to help you: 


Replenish – Chocolate milk is the champion sports recovery drink. 65% of post-workout carbohydrates, 35% of daily calcium, and 15% of daily potassium are in 12 ounces of RPM.

• Glycogen must be replenished within 30 minutes post-workout to limit muscle damage; RPM milk offers 32 grams of carbohydrates – an essential energy source for high-intensity athletic performance. (Calculated carbs needed post workout at 1.3g/kg, per Today’s Dietitian)

• Calcium from drinking milk leads to greater bone size and mineralization in adolescents. Calcium supports movement by keeping tissue strong and flexible, as well as playing a key role in muscle function, nerve transmission, blood clotting, and hormone secretion.

• The electrolytes potassium and sodium reduce muscle cramping, maintain normal muscle function, and regulates the balance of fluids in the body.


Power – The perfect blend of natural nutrients for your muscles. One serving of RPM has nearly half of a teen athlete’s daily protein needs, as well as essential minerals.

• Protein helps muscles recover more quickly from intense workout, while also building lean muscle and keeping bones strong. Our family adds extra all-natural whey powder to amp up the protein in RPM, as well as delicious all-natural cocoa for energy to restore glycogen.     (Calculated protein from UC Davis AMDR article recommending 52g for males, 46g for females ages 14-18)

• The combination of calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorous assists with building strong bones – and helps reduce the risk of stress fractures.

• Iodine helps regulate metabolism. Sustained iodine loss from sweating loss may impact the thyroid, with possible consequences for athletic performance.

• Vitamin A, zinc, and selenium supports a healthy immune system.


Multiply – Smart nutrition makes for stronger athletes. One small bottle of RPM provides 30% of daily value of iron for endurance, as well as B vitamins and 400 types of fatty acids.

• Iron is an essential mineral that assists in the transport of oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, giving athletes greater endurance. Nearly 25% of adolescents are low in iron – and it is especially important for athletes due to the high work demands placed on their muscles during training and competition. RPM provides 1/3 of iron needed in a day!

• B vitamins (riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5) and vitamin B12) help convert food into energy. Milk has very high bioavailability of these important vitamins.

• 400 types of fatty acids: the components in whole milk offer unique bioactivity and physiological properties. Further research on the potential benefits of this complete food matrix, such as heart health, is being done.


Drink RPM today. Research has shown that milk may be a better option for retaining fluid than traditional sports drinks and even water during intense workouts. Our Freshly family invites you to try RPM, bottled just 20 miles from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Replenish nutrients, power performance, and multiply results in your athletes with our great tasting sports recovery drink that your family will come to love.

What are Indiana athletes saying about RPM?

Audrey K., University of Georgia Cross Country/Track and Field - Thorntown, IN

   ............"I’m a big fan of Freshly’s RPM! As a distance runner, it is essential for me to fill my diet with nutrient dense foods, and Recovery Protein Milk fits my needs perfectly. It’s high in carbohydrates, calcium, iron, and more which all support my post-workout needs as well as benefit my recovery for the next day. Additionally, being a student-athlete that exercises 1-3 times a day means my schedule is consistently packed so I gravitate towards foods that are filling and easy to consume. RPM meets both of these needs while tasting fresher and not being as heavy as other protein drinks I’ve tried. Any athlete should give RPM a try!"

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