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Where it began

Freshly local

Our small family farm, just 20 miles west of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is proud to bottle fresh milk at the Crossroads of America. Your family will find that local milk tastes better and has a longer shelf life, especially when you know the family behind the bottle. We invite you to visit our farm, see where the bottles are filled, and bring your kids out to experience dairy farm fun. We believe in great customer service; you’ll find it at Freshly from the people who care for the cows and your food. 


Freshly for you

We care about health. Our milk is full bodied, rich with vitamins and nutrients to fuel your family – from cows eating healthy grass and forages. We believe in stewardship of both the environment and our cattle.  Come out to the country to learn more about nourishing your family through our locally raised products. Invest in your health; be a part of the Freshly family.


Freshly traditional

We know that comfort food matters to wellness – and that milk has traditionally served as nature’s most perfect food. We are raising the fourth generation of farm kids and believe in many of the same animal husbandry practices used by our grandparents. We love helping people return to their roots and experiencing where their food comes from. We take pride in Freshly for your family table. 


Freshly from our family farm

Two like minded farm families joined together to create our micro dairy, building on three generations of farming. We believe in personal care of the animals and raising our children alongside beautiful cows. Our family enjoys picnics together, impromptu baseball games in the field, fishing, good food, playing in the creek, and showing our cows at the fair. We look forward to meeting you; Freshly is produced personally for your family from ours. 

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