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Freshly Dairy’s NEW RPM (Recovery Protein Milk) :

REPLENISH: Revitalize with RPM’s winning formula. In a 12-ounce serving, enjoy 65% of post-workout carbs, 35% of daily calcium, and 15% of daily potassium. Glycogen, vital for limiting muscle damage, is restored within 30 minutes, thanks to our all-natural cocoa powder. Calcium supports bone health, muscle function, nerve transmission, blood clotting and hormone secretion, while electrolytes like potassium and sodium reduce muscle cramping and help maintain fluid balance. 🥛

POWER: Fuel your muscles with the perfect blend of natural nutrients. RPM provides nearly half of a teen athlete’s daily protein needs, plus essential minerals for recovery, strong bones, and immune support. 💪

Freshly Dairy’s NEW RPM (Recovery Protein Milk) :

MULTIPLY: Enhance your game with smart nutrition. RPM offers 30% of daily iron for endurance, B vitamins for energy conversion, 400 types of fatty acids, and iron, providing 1/3 of your daily needs.⚡️

WHY RPM: Research proves that milk outperforms traditional sports drinks in fluid retention during intense workouts. Bottled just 20 miles from the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, RPM is key to replenishing nutrients, powering performance, and multiplying results. Taste the greatness of recovery protein milk – unleash the champion in you with Freshly Dairy’s RPM‼️

4 pack of Chocolate Protein Milk 12 oz aka Recovery Protein Milk (RPM)

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